Alexander Karlov is an international fashion and portrait photographer based between Canada and Europe. Born in Moscow and raised in Montreal, Canada Alexander first found himself interested in photography at the age of 17 and started taking pictures of the city. Soon he began studying finance & economics at university but during his time as a student he realized that capturing faces of people and creating fashion images was his true passion. Two years after Alexander discovered his love for the art he decided to focus on enhancing his photographic skills and developing a full time career as a successful fashion & portrait photographer. By the time he was 21 he had already established a large client base, worked with multiple top modeling agencies and landed an internship with one of the most acclaimed fashion photographers in Canada. Currently Alexander resides in Montreal, but constantly travels around Canada, Europe and other locations worldwide for work.

Alexander bases his photographic style on his personal vision and interpretation of beauty and also the works of legendary photographers such as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindberg, Mikael Jansson and his mentor that had a great influence on his signature style.  He also draws inspiration from vintage elegant films and iconic fashion magazines. When creating fashion and editorial images he always tries to bridge the gap between art and commerce to create stunning and elegant shots that will be able to tell a story and represent his clients in a meaningful way. 

When shooting portraits Alexander tries to showcase his subject's strength but encourages authenticity and vulnerability in those being photographed. He loves high contrast and clarity in his images and prefers minimalistic clothing and colours. Alexander believes that “If not used carefully, colour and clothing sometimes distracts the viewer from the subject. Clothes have to enhance the person,  not steal the spotlight and colour has to be used gently to add to the composition and not overload it.”